Yousuf Mufthi and Moulavi Mulaffar Challenged!!!!

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Two of the Prominent members of All Ceylon Jameeyyathul Ulama, Yousuf Mufthi and Moulavi Mulaffar  had to eat the  humble pie and go into hiding after they were challenged openly By Moulavi Al Hafiz Ehsan Iqbal Qadiri (Razavee) in the Jummah sermon at the Dawatagaha Masjid on 24th January, 2014 .

The  wahhabi cat has come out from the bags of so called Mufthi and Mowlavi when they refuted the celebration of meelad in their lectures over SLBC. An open challenge has been sent to come to the discussion table and to prove their claims . But So far No response has been recieved. Those who attempted to bring them to a debate have found that their telephone numbers have been switched off or changed. Please click the below link.

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10 Responses to Yousuf Mufthi and Moulavi Mulaffar Challenged!!!!

  1. asraf says:

    Mufthi has not completed his thakwa yet, he has islam not eeman

  2. Abdullah says:

    Whoever u say thawheed,thableegh and jamath e islami loves rasulullah better than u ppl …u all just frying “vade” from mouth try to follow rasulullhas guide instead complaining those great Mufti’s

  3. PreserveIslam says:

    My great respected brothers!! Please don’t try to create more and more divisions in Islam, I love my prophet (pbuh) more than anything and always wanted to follow his foot steps as maximum as I can.

  4. M N NAZIM says:

    Salaam. Dear Abdullah, if what you say is true, why do those “great Mufti”s accept the challenge? These muftis are followers of the horn of shaitaan, foretold by our beloved Habibullah (Sal) in the famous “najd” hadith!

  5. Hazham says:

    Mention mufthi’s don’t know about rasoolullah. They know only getting the people to jummah night.

  6. Hazham says:

    Thableeg, Thowheed, Salafi and those who insult our our prophet sal PBUH.
    They are wahabi.

  7. Ahamed says:

    It is hard to understand, why people are attracted towards new statements, new jamaats and other fitnah groups, when Islam is clear, love towards our Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) is clear and the way of salaf and how they loved him is clear.
    Only you have to reach those details to love prophet and not in defying or challenging way and still claim to love our prophet is pitiable.
    The name of area can be changed from Najd to Riyadh, with neat infrastructure.
    The people there may change to claim the best in Islam with neat attires.
    But the net result is “Sub zero”.

  8. nizamhm says:

    The Muftis has to answer his reasonable questions and challenges. Will they meet him!!!

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