Why Should we celebrate Meelad?

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BY Muhammad Matheen (in Tamil)
(translated in to English by Musnad Sufian (Musthafavi))
In nature, a great significance is given for worldly things. it has offered some people the honour and dignity. When looking through different angles, one looks different to the other and it exposes its uniqueness and the difference. Likewise, the almighty Allah has created a difference among his slaves by honouring some over the others among his creations
Thus he has dignified some of his messengers in different ways by granting them different virtues for the sake of inducing his commands to the mankind and the jinns
Allah States in His glorious Quran:
(تلك الرسل فضلنا بعضهم على بعض)
Those Messengers! We preferred some to others (2/253).
Similarly ,Allah the almighty who created the universe distinguished some epochs over others, some months over other months and some days over others. In this context, Allah states
(شهر رمضان الذي أنزل فيه القرآن)
The month of Ramadhan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur’an,( 2/185.)
In addition to that, he emphasizes the significance of the night that it was revealed
(انا انزلناه في ليلة القدر)
Indeed, We sent it down during a night of decree( 97/1),.
Then Again, in order to highlight the significance of Makkah over other cities, he says ;
(لا أقسم بهذاالبلد)
I swear by this city, (Makkah) (90/1).
In the same way, Allah states that it is the thaqwa (piety) that is sanctifying a man from polytheism. Thus, he says
(إن اكرمكم عندالله اتقاكم إن الله عليم خبير)
(‘ that the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you.) (49/13)
Therefore, when we scrutinize many verses of the holy Quran, we could observe that he had distinguished its qualities, sacredness and nobility over one another.
We also see how the lailathul qadr has been considered much virtuous than thousand month. However, the Rabeeul awwal becomes so significant as it is in this month that the ‘Mercy to mankind’ to whom the Book was revealed in the lailathul qadr was born. Allah granted in this month great bounties to the believers. He made his Beloved and the Best of his creations throughout the whole universe to be born in this month. And it is due to the birth of this noble Prophet (Peace Be upon Him) that this month seized nobility and became so much significant. So it is appropriate to call this month as the month of the arrival of Beloved. Allah himself rejoices over the lailathul qadr in which the noble Quran was revealed as a month much virtuous than thousand month. He turned this revelation of Quran as an enormous blessings to millions of people by which the mankind found light in their lives against the darkness of ignorance of misguidance. Man understood where lied the honour and dignity. Through whom did we receive this noble Quran which can be called a treasure? We obtained this light only through another light. He is none other than our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) .
Allah States in His Quran
(لقد جاءكم من الله نور وكتاب مبين)
There has come to you from Allah a light and a clear Book (5/15)
How great would be the honour and dignity of the person to whom Allah revealed the Quran when even the ordinary folk attained so much dignity and honour through the knowledge of the same? This Quran teaches us of the beautiful qualities and exemplary conducts of this Great Prophet (Peace be upon him). The month in which Quran was revealed is lauded by the Almighty as a noble month. And the reason behind it is none other than the Beloved Messenger of Allah,
Renowned scholars of hadees have carried out a research on which night is greater among significant nights such as Arafa night, lailathul qadr nightو bara’ath nightو night of meelad un nabi etc. And They have come to a unanimous conclusion that the night of Meeladun Nabi was the greatest night among All. Imams such as Qasthalani, Zarkani, Nabahani, Sheikh Abdul Haq Muhaddis Al dihlawee , Sheikh Abdul Hayy Mahalli and many other Muhaddis’ (Rahimahum Allah) also have declared that the night of Meelad was the greatest night of All.
Imam Qastalani Rahimahullah , talking about the night that Sallallahu Alaih wasallam was born in, says that a question arises whether the night of birth of Prophet (peace be upon him) was great or any of other special nights. And he emphasized that it was the meelad night which is greater than any other Islamic significant nights justifying his assertion by the following three points.
1. His birth occurred in a night. And even the night of Lailathul Qadr is something offered to Him (Sallallahu Alaih Wasallam) Lailathul Qadr got the distinction only by his arrival to this world. Thus, The night of His arrival is no doubt of excellence than the night bestowed upon him.
2. If it is said that the nobility and the excellence of lailathul qadr was due to the arrival of angels, the number of angels visited during His blessed birth was much higher. Thus the night of the blessed birth becomes much significant than the lailathul qadr.
3. If it is said that honour and dignity encompassed the Ummah Of Prophet (Peace be upon Him) in the lailathul qadr, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it was due to the blessed birth of Prophet (Peace be upon him) that Almost every creation could attain the proper guidance called Hiadyath. Because Sallallahu Alaih wasallam was offered to whole mankind as a mercy. Thus the whole mankind enjoy this bounty of Mercy. Therefore, The night in which this great bounty emerged would be greater than lailathul qadr
Imam Sahavi is a follower of shafee school of thoughts and its Imams, He says
The greatest night among significant nights in Islam is the birth night of the Beloved Prophet. Afterwards, Night of Lailathul qadr, Night of Miuraj, Night Of Arafa, Friday night, night of Baraath and nights of two eids bear significance respectively.
Imam Nabahani Rahimahullah in his book Anwaarul muhaththiya, also states that the night of Meelad was the greater than the night of lailathul qadr. In the same way, Sheikh Abdul Hayy Lucknawee, responding to a question ‘which night among all nights was greater’, said;
The reason for considering Lailathul Qadr as a great night is that angels descended from the heavens in that night. And Allah makes the Mercy called ‘Thajalliyyath” shower throughout whole that night. The holy Quran too was revealed in that night. Due to these reasons Allah compared this night to thousands months. The hadees books stress the importance of enlivening this night and involve in Amals thus enabling us to reap good rewards. However, The eminence of Sallallahu Alaih wasallam is greater than everything. The Quran was revealed to none other than himself. 70000 angels visit his holy shrine, invoking peace and blessings (salawath) on Him in the mornings and evenings. And this would happen until the day of resurrection and it is noteworthy that an angel would not repeat his visit. (Dharmee sunana/ Ibnu Jawzee/Ibnu Qayyum/ Baihaqee and many other books)
When Jesus Peace be upon Him pleaded his Lord for a table spread with food for his nation, Saying
(اللهم ربنا انزل علينا مائدة من السماء تكون لنا عيدالأولنا وآخرنا وآية منك وارزقنا وأنت خير الرازقين)
( “O Allah , our Lord, send down to us a table [spread with food] from the heaven to be for us a festival for the first of us and the last of us and a sign from You. And provide for us, and You are the best of providers.” ( 5/114)
It proves us through the Quran itself that whenever the mercy of Allah descends, it becomes a day of Festival. Not only that; it also teaches us to take such days as one to express our gratitude and also to consider that day as a sign of the Lord. Thus the greatest bounty among the bounties that Allah has bestowed upon us was the day that our Beloved mercy to Mankind was gifted to us. There cannot be any other day greater than the day of His blessed birth. It is the consensus of the wise and intellects. Everyone who has tasted even a bit of Iman would realise it.
Allah States In his glorious Quran;
قُلْ بِفَضْلِ اللَّهِ وَبِرَحْمَتِهِ فَبِذَٰلِكَ فَلْيَفْرَحُوا هُوَ خَيْرٌ مِمَّا يَجْمَعُونَ
(In the favour of Allah and his Mercy upon you ( ie arrival holy Prophet), In that let them Rejoice. It is better thaى what They accumulate (as wealth) (10/58)
When explaining about celebrating the Birth of Prophet (Peace be upon him) , Allama Abdur rahman Bin jawzee Rahimahullah says….
لا زال اهل الحرمين الشرفين والمصر ويمن الشام وسائر بلاد العرب من المشرق والمغرب يحتفلو ، بمجلس مولد النبي ويفرحون بقدوم هلال شهر ربيع الأول ويهتمون اهتمائا بليغا على السماع والقراة لمولد وينالون بذالك اجرا جزيلا وفوزا عظيما.

People from all Arab countries from East to west including people of cities like Makkah al Mukarrama and Madeena al Munawwara and countries like Egypt, Yemen, Syria have been celebrating the Meelad and conducting Majlis’ since long time.. As the Rabeeul Awwal dawns, they used to rejoice with no limit.. They used to conduct Mawlid majlis in the proper manner with full of happiness, eager and devotion and harvested untold merits and benefits.
Allama Quthb ad deen hanafee (Rahimahullah) in his Thareeh makkah depicts how the Maccans celebrated on the Day of meelad.
The Birth Place of The prophet was visited with much respect and dignity every 12th of Rabeeul Awwal. Distinguished people like great scholars, Imams of All four mazhabs , governors, Qadees used to gather at the Haram Shareef for magrib Prayer. As the magrib salath is performed, everyone with lamps torches and candles in their hands head towards the birth place of the Prophet (peace be upon him) (Today It has been converted in to a Library). And then Dua program takes place for the governors after a series of lectures by the Ulamas.
Allama Athbui Rahmathul Bari in his Atthaalius saeed narrates that he was told by Al Adl Nasirud deen Mahmood Ibn Ai Imad ……
وقال الكمال الأدفوي (198) في ، الطالع السعيد :
حكى لنا صاحبنا العدل ناصر الدين محمود بن العماد أن أبا الطبيب محمد بن ابراهيم السبتي المالكي نزيل فوص، احد العلماء العاملين، كان يجوز بالمكتب في اليوم الذي ولد فيه النبي ( ) بيتول : يا فقبه، هذا يوم سرور، اصرف الصبيان، فيصرفنا.

That one day. One of the great Ulamas Sheikh Abuth Theeb Muhammad bin Ibraheem Assibthi almaaliki was passing by a Madrasa in ‘Foos’ and noticed that a teacher was conducting lessons for the students. He had addressed the teacher and said O’ Professor! Isn’t today the Birth day of the Prophet? Give them a Holiday.
It is clear by this that since ancient times, great Scholars, Governors, Ulamas, Fuqahaas all have been used to the custom and culture of celebrating the meelad and reaped myriads of rewards. But it is unfortunate that some make a mockery out of it saying that this is a useless innovation and as an act that reassembles the non believer. The basis of Iman itself is loving the Prophet Peace be upon him more than everything else in this world. Their claim that following him only is sufficient is nonsense. Following is nothing but a sign of love. But would not be a complete love. If so What is true Love.? It is nothing other than loving the final Prophet of the almighty Lord beyond one’s limit
To know Him inwardly and outwardly and to feel Him through every breath and then following him would be the true and the best sign of true love of a moomin. Therefore Let us all get together and make use of the blessed month which we have been bestowed upon with to be blessed with the love , affection and the intercession of Messenger Of Allah (Peace be upon Him)
Who so ever rejoices over the mawlid majlis, May Allah convert his rejoice as a shield and a curtain to be rescued from the torment of the hell fire. Besides whosoever spends a dirham for this kind of a Majlis, Allah would reward him in 10 folds. And he would be entitled to intercession of the beloved Prophet Sallallahu Alaih wasallam on the day of resurrection.
Aamin By the grace of Master of Messengers!
Eid Meelad Mubarak

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  1. S.L.M.Anas says:

    I proud about this web page because. We can understand what’s the truth. and get lots of bayan about sunnatwal jamath.

  2. S.L.M.Anas says:

    We must celebrate Prophet Sallalahualaiwasallam’s birth. If we Muslims we must do that. If anybody think not to celebrate the Prophet Sallalahualaiwasallam’s birthday they should be a yehoodhi or nasara. because yehoodi and nasara are guide the Wahabees to avoid salawath and Prophet Sallalahualaiwasallam.

  3. Real Muslim says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    I am Confused about your Aqeedha what are you you coming to say? is prophet Mohammed can understand the Gaibs are you equalling the prophet with Allah?

    I am still confused and didn’t understand about your thoughts and views

    May Allah guide you and me in the right path protect from all kind of fitnahs.

    Muslim Student

    • hubbunnabi says:

      are you in your right conscious dear Real Muslim? where have we equalled Allah with Rasoolallah sallallahu alaih wasallam?

  4. Saheed M Lafir - Qatar says:

    Name may come as “Real Muslim” As of muslims we need to fulfill our “Imaan” with “Hubbun Nabi” means loving of prophet sallallaahu Alaihi wasallam ! Some one may tell Hubun nabi mean following the path of sallallaahu alaihi wasallam …. But Actually following and loving are two different things ! Assalaathu wassalaamu alaika yaa saiyidhy yaa Rasoolallaah …….

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