132nd Bukhari Grand feast of Beruwala

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(To Mark the 132nd Bukhari Grand feast of Beruwala)

By Musnad Sufian

Hajj in Holy Makkah al Mukarramah is the annual event of Muslims all over the world that draws millions of pilgrims. If there is an annual event in Sri Lanka where thousands gather, it is the annual Bukhari feast of Beruwala. The month-long annual grand Bukhari feast which is the biggest ever annual feast is held at Baithul Mubarak Musthafaveeya, popularly known as Bukhari Thakkiya, Maligahena, Beruwala. The 132nd annual Bukhari feast began on Monday, May 30 and will continue for thirty days excluding Fridays. The grand feast will be held on July 3.



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7 Responses to 132nd Bukhari Grand feast of Beruwala

  1. M N M Nazeer says:

    superb masha allah.

  2. Mohamed says:

    That Kandoori is Allah’s Rahmath


    Masha Allah I realy love to go to this mosque every day . this kandoori is very well organised and i pray all mighty Allah to give the people who does this kandoori all the best and strenth.what i notice is some of the people are miss using the tradition of this mosque.Ya Allah please help them to change them and let this kandoori go on and on for years.wassalam Rifkhan

  4. Assalamu ALAIKKUM.
    It is very great pleasure and happy to know Bukhari Khandoori at Katchi malai Masjid Is celebrating once a year. I am From kayalpatnam South India also visited this celeberation previously. In our city also we are conducting the function as same way At the own building namely MAJLISUL BUKHARISH SHAREEF for over eighty eight year by the grace and thawfeeq of Allah the almighty.May Allah accept our all of the good aamaals and resipregate full thawabs in aakhira.aameen
    WA AaKhir dhauwanaa nail hamdu LILLAH rabbil aalameen.

    • hubbunnabi says:

      this is not ketchimala bukhari majlis which started recently, but the first and the biggest ever majlisul bukhari of Maligahena bukhari thakkiya which is the biggest ever majlis in the world

  5. Mohammed Ashfak says:

    Masha Allah

  6. Mobammed says:

    137th year celeration of buhari kanduri feast. This is a very important kanduri function. Every one wants to go to this kanduri function.

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