Subhana Mawlid As A Single Playlist

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This post is also available in: French, Italian, Arabic, Sinhala, Tamil

[ti_audio name=”Subhana Mawlid” skin=”” width=”375″ height=”400″ autoload=”1″]

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8 Responses to Subhana Mawlid As A Single Playlist

  1. Kabeer Basheer says:

    Masha Allah, what a wonderful collection, who is the reciter, he is blessed with awesome voice.

  2. Ahamed Muhiyiddeen says:

    Masha Allah,Wonderful Voice.But Small Mistake reciting the Lakad Jaa- akum.
    “Before Reciting Lakad Jaa-akum,You can’t say Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.Because That is the last two aayath from the THOUBA Sura.When we recite the THOUBA sura,we didn,t say Bismillah.

  3. Adam Ashraf says:

    Masah Allah, Great Effort.

  4. Ibrahim Al Fasi Nizal says:

    Could you please add “salabat laila” qaseeda. I am in abroad now. Unfortunately I couldn’t listen my favorite qaseeda. In YouTube its sung by Arabs and it’s not pleasing. I need our one.
    I was always reciting it during my childhood.

  5. M.F.Inamul Fazal says:

    Masha Allah

  6. soheyt says:

    how do u download these mp3 plz tell me

  7. Soheyt says:

    plz put new subhana mawlid as single plz

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